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bpicontest's Journal

Beauty Pair Icontest
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Welcome to Beauty Pair Icontest!
This an icon contest community dedicated to Johnny's pairings (Akame, Ryochi, etc.). You can post a comment to suggest a new couple for a contest, it doesn't matter how strange the pairing is, but there must exist photos of the two of them together, and you should post them so we can provide the photos for the contest. Every week there will be a different contest. The winner will recieve a beautiful banner made by neuskiins, kaotaro or carla_chan

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

01. The icon submitted must be yours. Don't steal other people icons. Don't take icons and re-do them making them yours.
02. Icons must be 100x100 pixels and 40 kb.
03. All icons must be original. Don't publish them before the results are announced.
04. Vote for the icons you like more. Don't vote for yourself.
05. Anonymous votes are not accepted.
06. If you want to use any of the icons ask the icon maker first.
07. This is not a rule but please, suggest new pairings. We don't want to have a contest with the same typical pairings all the time.
08. Have fun!


· Every Monday a new theme will be posted
· Submitting ends on Friday at 12 PM (GMT +1)
· Submit your icon in the entry where the theme is announced.
· How the icons must be submitted:
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[Icon's URL]


· Voting starts on Friday
· Voting ends on Sunday.
· Vote for your 3 favourites.
· Voting must be posted in this way:
1st - #
2nd - #
3rd - #
· In some votings we may have an special category (best editing, best colouring, etc.) or mod's choice.



aibaxsho, akame, akanishixkamenashi, junxhardgay, junxjun, kamepi, kinki kids, koda, kokixueda, koyamaxuchi, koyato, kusapi, masasho, massupi, neusxkuni, ohkuraxshota, ohmiya sk, ohnoxaiba, ohyass, oscarxcristian, pikame, ryochi, ryotego, ryouchi, ryoxtegoshi, ryoxuchi, shotaxsubaru, shoxnino, shuujixakira, tackey&tsubasa, tomapi, torajihaiji, yamapixtoma